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2,000 Native Trees Planted along the River Roe

20 March 2014
This month 2,000 native broadleaf trees of various species have been planted along the River Roe in the Glenshane Pass area. This is part of an ongoing multi-year partnership between Loughs Agency, local landowners, Woodland Trust and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.
The benefits of upland native tree planting have been demonstrated over recent years. In addition to the direct biodiversity benefits additional ecosystem services are provided. These include improved feeding for river invertebrates which rely on deciduous leaf litter, reduction of erosion and sedimentation and slowing down of overland water flows. Additional climate change mitigation may also occur in the longer term with the potential for cooling of river water temperature during hot summer conditions by providing shade. In 2013, some river temperatures in the Foyle area were recorded as high as 27°C in unshaded sections of upland streams.

John Pollock, Chief Executive of Loughs Agency said ‘this project continues to be a great example of partnerships working towards delivering significant sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities.’

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